Port Orchard Moss Removal

Moss growth on a roof is a problem that should be addressed at the earliest possible opportunity as neglecting to remove the moss could cause extensive room damage. Should you take too long to get the plant removed, it spreads quickly and will cost much to deal with in the future.

Moss removal should ideally be done by to experts such as the Moss Removal Port Orchard pros. When moss problems are persistent, it might also be prudent to seek long term solutions. Once you get the moss professionally removed, there are several things you could do to make sure that the moss does not return too soon.

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Deal with shade on the roof
Moss will grow and spread quickly when your roof is covered in shade. When the roof does not get enough sunlight, it also means that any moisture that collects on the roof lingers there too long and this also provides ideal conditions for moss growth. To deal with this problem, ensure that your roof receives adequate amounts of sunlight. If there are tree branches overhanging the roof, you should consider trimming them.

Moss problems might be impossible to eliminate when you live in a heavily wooded place. To address the moss problem, you might have to consider having fewer trees on your compound. Some homeowners address this problem by cutting off some trees or by avoiding adding new trees in the compound.

Address moisture issues
To ensure the long life of your roof and also to address moss growth issues, you need to implement measures to keep the roof free of moisture. Cutting overhanging branches helps ensure that such branches do not drop rainwater on the roof.
Additionally, you can ensure that water and moisture do not collect on your roof by keeping the gutters clean. While gutters are supposed to provide an escape for water on your roof, they’ll never perform this crucial task if they are clogged. Regular gutter cleaning will therefore ensure that your roof is adequately dry and this will help address moss growth problems.

Use copper or zinc strips on roof’s ridge
If you have a persistent moss problem, you could also consider installing copper or zinc strips on your roof’s ridge. The runoff from such strips releases particles on the roof that serves to prevent moss growth.

If you desire to find long-term solutions to moss problems, seek help from Moss Removal Port Orchard experts.

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